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Environmental Engineering

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MS in Environmental Engineering

The Environmental Engineering (EnvEng) MS program offers flexibility in constructing both broad, multidisciplinary and focused, intensive areas of study. Our program emphasizes the application of fundamental principles to analyze complex environmental problems and to devise effective solutions. This approach allows one to deal effectively with new environmental problems as they emerge and prepares future engineer-scientists to meet the challenges created globally by increasing urbanization, population growth, and ecological degradation. Our long tradition of collaboration with other groups within and outside the university — and throughout the world — provides a wide scope of opportunities for in-depth study and research. The MS in Environmental Engineering is a coursework-based degree. No thesis or research is required. 

Degree Requirements

Please see the downloadable PDF below for information on degree and course requirements for the MS in Environmental Engineering.


For the AY2022-23 requirements, please download the following:


For the AY2021-22 requirements, please download the following:


For the AY2020-21 requirements, please download the following: