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Undergraduate Degrees

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All entering undergraduate students, whether freshmen or transfer students, enter Stanford with their majors undeclared. Students can declare their major anytime during their first or second year and need to have declared by spring quarter of their second year.

Students who have declared a major in our department have the option to apply for and pursue the honors program (BSH), which provides the opportunity to conduct independent research at an advanced level with a faculty research advisor and to complete an honors thesis.

Atmosphere and Energy

Atmosphere/Energy encompasses two broad themes: understanding energy effects on air pollution, climate and weather, and mitigating such problems through the development, implementation and analysis of renewable and efficient technologies and renewable energy resources.

Civil Engineering (ABET accredited)

The civil engineering profession is concerned with the built environment. Civil engineers plan, design and construct major facilities including buildings, bridges, water and sanitation systems, transportation systems, energy systems and other civil infrastructure. Civil engineers help manage our air, water and energy resources and help protect society from natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and storms. Civil engineers also work to provide protection and remediation of the environment.

Environmental Systems Engineering

The Environmental Systems Engineering major is designed to prepare students for incorporating environmentally sustainable design, strategies and practices into natural and built systems. It focuses on preparing engineers for the 21st century challenges we will face in and near our cities, due to factors such as global climate change and population increase. Students can focus on coastal regions, freshwater systems, or urban energy and infrastructure.

Sustainable Architecture+Engineering

The Sustainable Architecture+Engineering major seeks to integrate engineering and architecture in ways that blend innovative architectural design with cutting-edge engineering technologies. With access to hands-on architectural and integrated design studios and a wide variety of breadth and depth options and electives, students can customize their program to focus on studio experience, building performance and energy, sustainable cities, design history and theory, design/build and fabrication, or structures and construction.

Undergraduate Handbook

The Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs contains full details for all undergraduate programs in the CEE Department. This is essential reading for prospective undergraduate CEE students.


School of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook

Director of Undergraduate Studies

The Director of Undergraduate Studies serves as primary liaisons between undergraduate students, faculty in their programs, the Department Chair, the School, and the University.


Meet our Director

Declaring a CEE major

Stanford undergraduates who wish to declare a Civil and Environmental Engineering major should review the declaring deadlines and other information about declaring on the Registrar’s website. Interested students may also wish to consult with an undergraduate advisor about declaring their major.

Declare your CEE major

VPUE Summer Undergraduate Research Program

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers an undergraduate research program, through funding provided by Stanford’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. The program is geared primarily to support full-time research appointments over the summer session, but alternative proposals will be considered, subject to funding availability. The research awards will be based on a competitive application process.

Learn how to submit a VPUE Summer Undergraduate Research Program application.

Learn More about VPUE