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Undergraduate Peer Advisors

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The CEE Undergraduate Peer Advisors work with CEE staff, providing first-hand student perspectives and support to the undergraduate community. They guide students with questions about the various CEE degree programs and refer students to appropriate staff members when necessary. They help promote CEE's degree programs and offerings through campus outreach events and focus on community building efforts for CEE undergrads by planning opportunities to connect in person and virtually.

The Peer Advisors hold weekly office hours in the CEE Undergraduate Workspace, which is located in Y2E2 room 154 (in the green atrium on the first floor). You can also email them directly to ask questions or arrange time to meet outside of office hours.  

It’s Never Too Early to Connect

The CEE Undergrad Peer Advisors are a great starting point if you are curious about a major. You can go see one even during your very first quarter here! You can simply ask, “Why did you decide on this major? What should I know about it? What classes do you recommend? How did you decide among tracks? How do I get started with research?” and so forth. No preparation needed.