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Graduate Degrees

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CEE Graduate Degree Programs

Stanford Civil and Environmental Engineering offers master’s, engineer, and doctoral programs, which lead to an MS degree, ENG degree, and/or PhD in Civil and Environmental Engineering. The Master’s program consists of core courses, technical electives, seminars, and unrestricted electives to deepen knowledge and learning. The Engineer program is recommended for students who expect to engage in a professional career in industry. Combining rigorous coursework with novel research mentored by Stanford faculty, the PhD program enables students to develop as independent intellectual leaders working at the interfaces between engineering and sustainability.

MS Degree Programs

Our Master of Science (MS) programs are terminal degree programs for those seeking advanced knowledge in a focused discipline of civil and environmental engineering to pursue a career in industry or another professional degree. The MS degree is a coursework-based degree. Neither research nor a thesis is required. In most MS Programs, students may elect to conduct independent research for course credit if they wish.

Engineer Degree Program

The Engineer degree represents one to two additional years of study beyond the Master’s degree and includes a research thesis. The program is designed for students who wish to do professional engineering work upon graduation and who want to engage in more specialized study than is afforded solely by a Master’s degree. It is expected that full-time students will be able to complete the degree within two years of study after the Master’s degree.

PhD Degree Program

Study for the PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering combines rigorous coursework with novel research mentored by Stanford faculty, enabling students to develop as independent intellectual leaders working on challenges at the interface of engineering and sustainability. Our mission is to educate and equip current and future leaders in our field with the capabilities required to contribute meaningfully to solutions to the world's pressing engineering and sustainability challenges. Applicants should have a commitment to learning and a passion for research. 

The Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering also believes that teaching is an important part of graduate-level education. Consequently, serving as a teaching assistant for one course is a requirement for the PhD in CEE.

Along the way to the PhD degree, students have clear and defined milestones that help guide them to the successful completion of their dissertation and oral defense. More information regarding our PhD degree requirements and milestones can be found in the Stanford Bulletin. On average, the program is completed in five to six years, depending on the student’s research and progress.