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We create sustainable solutions for cities, communities, and nature to thrive

Students in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering make a lasting impact in the world as they launch careers in which they design and apply innovative solutions that foster sustainability in the natural and built environments.

Professor Hank Parker

Hank Parker, Professor Emeritus of Civil and Environmental Engineering, dies at 99.

Stanford Science and Engineering Quad

Ethics in Engineering Faculty Search

The School of Engineering invites applicants to apply for this open all-ranks faculty search. 

Doerr School Open Positions Available

The Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability invites applicants to explore open faculty positions. Apply to create solutions at a global scale, in collaboration with partners worldwide.

Stories and Voices

Keeping you involved and continuing to learn together

Assistant Professor

Iro Armeni

As a kid I would go to construction sites with my dad, a civil engineer, and he’d show me plans for putting reinforcement inside concrete columns.

Read Iro's Story
Khalid Osman
Assistant Professor

Khalid Osman

Life has taken me on a long journey.

Khalid's Story
Barbara Simpson
Assistant Professor

Barbara Simpson

I call myself an accidental engineer.
Barbara's Story