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Affiliates Programs

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Join an Affiliate Program

Stanford encourages close collaboration with companies and welcomes industry to participate in our research. Civil and Environmental Engineering has several affiliate programs that facilitate knowledge and technology transfer between industry and academia.

Affiliate programs in the School of Engineering have provided an avenue for industry to get involved with Stanford departments and faculty for 40 years. Membership in an affiliate program provides companies with facilitated access to research programs, faculty and students involved in topics of interest ranging from the specific to the interdisciplinary.

Corporate members can benefit from attending annual meetings and research symposia, receiving topical reports and publications, and conducting individual meeting with researchers. In some instances member companies have opportunities to recruit students at targeted events. From nanotechnology to social networking and clean tech to photonics, our affiliate programs cover a wide variety of industry areas.

For more information about joining, visit the affiliate program pages below or contact:

Stanford University Industrial Affiliates Programs

Four Benefits of Joining an Affiliate Program

Knowledge and technology transfer

Give direct input into the kinds of research that will be most useful to your industry. This exchange can help faculty and students focus their research on real-world problems. Attend Events at Stanford.  Annual meetings, conferences, seminars and other functions are held, depending on the program. These functions provide a forum for knowledge and technology transfer.

Faculty and student interaction

Get to know faculty and students on a personal level. Participation in an Affiliate Program results in many fruitful long-term relationships that benefit both the company and the faculty or student. Companies often interact informally with faculty and students on a one-to-one basis outside of the formal Affiliate Program context to exchange and explore ideas and solutions.

Facilitated recruiting

Gain access to the best future employees in the world! Some Centers and Affiliate Programs offer a formal facilitated recruiting program to their members. In instances where the program doesn’t offer a formal recruiting program, industry members still get to know the students by attending meetings, reading their research reports and joining the free flow of discussion and ideas.

Visiting research fellowships

These fellowships provide an employee with an immersive Stanford experience. Some programs allow industry to send a research industrial fellow who comes to work jointly on a research project with a Stanford faculty member. This benefit is often dependent on the company’s membership level. The visiting fellows work closely with a faculty member on their research project, have daily interaction with graduate students and can audit Stanford courses.

Note: Not all benefits apply to all programs. 

Our Affiliate Programs

Center for Integrated facilities Engineering

Center for Integrated Facilities Engineering (CIFE)

The CIFE mission is to be the world's premier academic research center for Virtual Design and Construction of Architecture - Engineering - Construction (AEC) industry projects to support exceptionally reliable engineering and management practices to plan, design, construct and operate sustainable facilities.

SURI Earthquakes Hurricans Map

Stanford Urban Resilience Initiative (SURI)

SURI Affiliates gain insights from and leverage the unique expertise from an emerging field which combines quantitative engineering analyses to broader questions of social impact and human behavior. Members are invited to attend symposia and engage with student research. Members can also collaborate with our research programs, faculty, and graduate students. Companies and other organizations interested in improving risk evaluation and the design of the built environment, social intervention, as well as government, financial, and corporate policies are encouraged to join.

John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center

John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center

The John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center is devoted to the advancement of research, education, and practice in earthquake engineering. The Affiliate Program provides an avenue for industry to contribute to and sustain research and teaching as well as programs of interest. Benefits of being a Blume Center Affiliate include attending bi-annual meetings, receiving copies of reports and publications, and having the opportunity to recruit students.

Songdo Smart City

Center for Sustainable Development & Global Competitiveness (SDGC)

SDGC's Affiliates Program allows members to receive special privileges and be recognized as world leaders in corporate responsibility and citizenship. Their Affiliates Program is an attractive way for corporations to support the center's mission while gaining knowledge about sustainable development practices.

Construction Institute

The Stanford Construction Institute offers membership to support the continued strength of our MS academic program and to provide guidance and support for ongoing and future initiatives that keep the Stanford Construction Program in the forefront of such programs worldwide.

National Performance of Dams Program (NPDP)

The NPDP aims to be the leading technical resource for information on the performance of dams, supporting dam safety, engineering, and public policy. The Affiliate Program provides an avenue for industry to contribute to and sustain research and teaching in Stanford departments and programs of interest. Affiliate members typically attend annual meetings, receive copies of reports and publications, and have opportunities to recruit students.