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30th AEC Global Teamwork Event Winners

Pushing the envelope on team collaboration

The AEC (Architecture/Engineering/Construction) Global Teamwork's 30th session was held this year with the theme The Future of Work: A Metaverse Journey for a Better World.

AEC Global Teamwork, lead by lead by PBL Lab founding director Dr. Renate Fruchter prepares students to think outside of the box when it comes to collaboration and teamwork on complex projects with team members around the world with a project-based learning slant. The course, which was first established at Stanford in 1993 and run in collaboration with universities worldwide, offers an authentic PBL (project based learning) teamwork learning experience that enables students to identify discipline and cross-discipline objectives and thereby develop know-why knowledge in an interdisciplinary situated context. They exercise the theory and knowledge acquired in traditional discipline courses, i.e., know-what and know-how. The students are challenged to cross four chasms – cross-disciplinary teamwork, use effectively collaboration technologies, manage and coordinate their tasks and team process over time and space, and work in multi-cultural teams.

At this year 30th AEC Global Teamwork annual event in May - 98 participants attended this milestone, 31 of which were AEC global students representing 5 disciplines, including architecture, structural and mechanical engineering, construction management, and life cycle financial management. Students joined from Stanford, and university partners including University of Puerto Rico, Loughborough University UK, DTU Denmark, Aalborg University Denmark, Warsaw University of Technology Poland, Silesian University of Technology Poland, Bauhaus University Germany, and Ljubljana University Slovenia. 18 nationalities were represented.

23 industry mentor-judges provided external-validative assessment of the AEC global student teams' project proposals in response to the three challenges - sustainability, integrated project delivery (IPD), and technology16 Faculty, 36 senior industry mentors, and 22 alumni mentors actively engaged and provided constructive feedback to all the AEC global students during their 4-month AEC global teamwork journey.

Each team presented an hour of material in total to pitch and discuss their virtual design and construction solutions, team processes, and approaches in response to the three challenges focused on Scalable Sustainability, SDC for Decarbonized Buildings as Products, and Leveraging Technology for a Better Environment. To view this year and past project presentations please visit the PBL Lab Lab AEC project gallery:

The following AEC alumni shared their industry knowledge as guest speakers and mentors:

Curtis Wang, Founder and CEO Cloud Apartments (AEC 2012)
Kaitlin Highstreet, Co-founder Scope Zero (AEC 2021)
Prof. Humberto Cavallin, Department of Architecture, University of Puerto Rico, (AEC1998)
Prof. Peter Demian, Ph.D. School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University, UK, (AEC1999)
Matt Breidenthal, Senior Principal, Director of Engineering, HOK (AEC 2003)
Tamaki Horii, Ph.D., Head of General Manager, Business Innovation Division, Obayashi Corp., CEO of Obayashi Silicon Valley Ventures and Laboratory Inc.  (AEC 2001)
Flavia Grey, Ph.D., Principal | Data Strategy and Research ZGF Architects (AEC2014) 

Participants this year continued their quest to push the envelope – integrating information, models, disciplines, and project delivery, VR, AI, parametric modeling, performance-based design, industrialized supply chain and construction, sustainability into the students’ AEC-MEP-LCFM project-based learning experience. This was demonstrated by the five AEC global student project presentations on Friday May 12th. These new ways of working deepened and broadened the students' creativity, engagement, exploration, collaborative problem solving, and joint decision making.

Top placing teams teams are posted below, but In fact all AEC global students are winners as they successfully completed their AEC global teamwork journey and inspired us all with their creative solutions.

17th Sustainability Challenge: Scalable Sustainability
Winner: Island Team 2023

Island Team

Click to watch

A: Andrea Hernandez, University of Puerto Rico
A: Claudia Ramirez, University of Puerto Rico
SE: Jiahui Qiu, Stanford University
SE: Astrid Bjørn Dønnem, Technical University of Denmark
MEP: Piotr Palian, Silesian University of Technology, Poland
CM: Bedirhan Bener Tamer, Loughborough University, UK
CM: Abhishek Patil, Stanford University
LCFM: Julius Leonard Habel, Bauhaus University, Germany

Industry Liaison:
Adhamina Rodriguez, Founder and CEO, AR Green Consulting

Industry Sponsor: Swinerton

14th IPD Challenge: SDC for Decarbonized Buildings as Products
Winner: Ridge Team 2023

Ridge Team

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A: Urh Hudiklin, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
SE: Peiyao Xu, Stanford University
SE: Chelaka Vimukthi Perera, Bauhaus University, Germany
MEP: Marianna Baranska, Technical University of Denmark
CM: Sreethu Sura, Stanford University
CM: Cesar Augosto Portocarrero Rodriguez, Stanford University
LCFM: Kristina Nering, Bauhaus University, Germany

Industry Laisons:
Tony Dong
, Ph.D. Head of Technology and Innovation, DPR Construction 

Ryan Poole, Sustainability Lead, DPR Construction 

5th Technology Challenge: Leverage Technology for a Better Built Environment
Winner: Central Team 2023

Central Team

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A: Katarzyna Dragowska, Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
SE: Carrie Tam, Stanford University
SE: Rafael Antonio Triminio, Bauhaus University, Germany
MEP: Minxue Gu, Stanford University
MEP: Rasmus Bo Dybdahl, Technical University of Denmark
CM: Yosuke Yamamoto, Stanford University
CM: Iuri Rodrigues, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia
LCFM: Axel Stetler, Bauhaus University, Germany

Industry Liaisons:

Ron Elad, PrincipalBUROHAPPOLD Engineering 

Erik Narhi, Computational Design Lead, BUROHAPPOLD Engineering 

Project presentation videos will be available June 1st on the PBL Lab AEC Projects gallery

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