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Information for Students: AY 2020-21

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Last Updated September 2, 2020

CEE courses offered in AY 2020-21

You will be able to enroll in Autumn Quarter courses starting from Sept 1; if you are matriculating as a full-time graduate student, you must enroll in at least 8 units by 5pm PST on Monday Sept 14.  Due to logistical challenges, there continue to be delays in updating the centralized course listings. Thus, we have provided below our most up-to-date list of planned CEE course offerings to help you plan your coursework for the coming year.

Course List

Autumn Quarter Enrollment Options

Other options may be available to you for this Autumn Quarter, besides living on or near campus and enrolling as a full-time graduate student.  Please see the link below for more information.

Enrollment Options


  1. How come I don't see my funding or financial aid info in Axess yet?

Students are experiencing delays seeing the award on Axess because the system had delays related to COVID changes but it will show in time before bills are due.

  1. If I have to change my campus status answers (for questions asked in campus compact survey) can I do that?

For fall you have until the final study list deadline (Oct. 2) to make changes

  1. I'm an international student who applied for housing but I still don't have a visa/my autumn classes are now all online/ my country is on the travel ban list. Will I be charged housing cancellation fees if I can't get to campus on time?

In the case that you are unable to arrive for fall quarter on time for any of those reasons you will not be charged late housing cancellation fees. You just need to log on to Axess and file a petition to have the fee waived under the Housing and Dining section of Axess. Please see here to stay updated on Stanford housing announcements:

  1. My current visa appointment with my consulate or embassy is set near or after the start of fall quarter on Sept 14, 2020. What should I do?

You can request a letter of support from Stanford for an expedited appointment. Here is the information we will need from you to write the letter:

1. Your First and Last (Family) name as it appears in your passport
2. Your citizenship, city of birth and date of birth
3. The program you will attend at Stanford and what degree you hope to obtain
4. What date on which you submitted your visa application
5. The date of your currently scheduled appointment
6. The city in which the embassy or consulate you have applied for your appointment, is located

Please send this information to your CEE program representatives to write the letter for you.

CEE Program Representatives
Atmosphere/Energy: Professor Mark Jacobson,
Environmental Engineering: Professor Oliver Fringer,
Structural Engineering and Geomechanics: Professor Jack Baker,
Sustainable Design and Construction: Professor Martin Fischer,

  1. I'm confused whether I should keep my visa appointment with my embassy or consulate if I'm not sure I will be permitted to enter the US in time for fall quarter. What should I do?

Stanford's Bechtel International Center is in charge of advising international students what they should do in regard to their visa, I-20, and OPT/CPT questions. Bechtel is currently advising students to keep their appointments since government travel guidelines are still changing often. To stay up to date please see:

  1. Do I need a USD bank account to receive funds if I will be receiving funding for a fellowship before I can get to the US?

If you do not already have a USD bank account we recommend that you open an account with the Stanford Federal Credit Union to make sure you can receive graduate fellowship funding. You do not have to be in the US to create an 

account. Here is the link:

It seems very likely that any promised funding will have to be paid out as fellowships for fall quarter if you are:

  • an international graduate students who is full-time enrolled PLUS
  • enrolling from another country for fall quarter due to current travel ban or other COVID-19 related issues

If you remain stuck in another country due to the travel ban or other COVID-19 related issues for winter quarter but are still able to enroll full time the same advice will apply.

It is currently unclear whether we will be allowed to appoint students for assistantships while they are in another country. We are still waiting for further advice about how those payments would be processed in light of tax regulations. One way they may be processed is as fellowships instead.

  1. How do I show my embassy/consulate/immigration official at the airport that Stanford is a university with a hybrid (in-person as well as remote) course offering?

Please be sure to show your new I-20 from Bechtel. They worked carefully to make sure the updated I-20s have the correct language written on them as the immigration department advised. If you believe you need an updated I-20 (they should have gone out already) please contact the Bechtel International Center.

  1. If I must enroll in a hybrid course (because I am either a new international transfer student, international incoming F-1 visa student, or an international student returning from a Leave of Absence with a new I-20), what class should I enroll in?

Students in the SDC program should apply to enroll in CEE258C, which has a required in-person component [link]

Students in the A/E, EnvEng and SEG programs should apply to enroll in CEE379C, which has a required in-person component [link]

Other important information

  1. All official Stanford communication is being sent to Stanford email addresses. Please be sure that you set up your Stanford email address in Axess and have it set as your primary email account. There is a box you have to check to set it as your primary email.
  1. If new students are unable to enter the US this fall to start a program in person, they cannot apply for CPT next summer. Current immigration regulations require the student to be enrolled for 3 quarters in F-1 status before qualifying to work off-campus. New students can only obtain F-1 status after being admitted to the U.S. by an immigration official.
  1. Incoming students can still defer starting their program to a later start date because of COVID-19. The last day to submit this request is August 31, 2020. Please email to request a deferral.
  1. Later this summer international students will be hearing from the Stanford Bechtel International Center requesting confirmation about 2020-2021 academic year plans. Please be sure to answer that survey since they are keeping track of the situation for our international students in light of ongoing immigration policy changes.
  2. Bechtel has now advised international students that if you have a valid student visa to go ahead and book your flight for fall quarter
  3. Bechtel has recommended international students to bring a copy of their letter of admission and any previous I-20 with them to the port of entry to the US. (basically any paperwork that might be helpful, bring with you)
  4. is a new website that was launched to keep grad students up to date
  5. is the website to keep undergrads up to date
  6. International students going on a Leave of Absence should confer with the Bechtel International Center first. You may be required to leave the US during your leave or forfeit your OPT/CPT after graduation depending on your situation.