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Undergraduate Peer Advisor: Thompson

Hannah Leigh Thompson

Civil Engineering - Structures & Construction
Hello CEE! I’m Hannah, a master’s student in the Structural Engineering and Geomechanics track. During undergrad here at Stanford, I chose the Structures/Construction side of the CEE major (AKA “dry track”).
I’ve always loved buildings and the built environment - I chose CEE because I wanted to learn how buildings operate as living machines and pieces of art. In addition to structural problems, I’m interested in optimizing buildings for energy efficiency (with renewable technologies), improving the construction industry, and studying the interactions between architecture and engineering.
Thanks to a VPUE grant, I had the opportunity to do research in the CEE department. The project was a collaboration with the medical school; we studied ways to improve ventilation in the slum housing of Bangladesh, to minimize the spread of dangerous respiratory diseases.
Outside of academics, I’m an orchestra musician - I play the viola in SSO and SCOr. I’m also a cyclist and spend a lot of time in the hills around campus. 
If you want to chat about CEE, music, biking, or Stanford in general, I’d love to hear from you!