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Undergraduate Peer Advisor: McEvoy

Peter McEvoy

Peter McEvoy
Environmental & Water Studies


My name is Peter, and I’m a senior majoring in civil engineering with a focus on environmental and water studies. I recently submitted my application to coterm in CS, which will begin in the winter if I’m accepted.

I’ve lived in Monument, Colorado for the past ten years. Before that, I lived in Billings, Montana. My desire to understand the mechanisms underlying the natural world lead me to pursue the wet track of the civil engineering degree. Yet I’m still unsure of what career I’d like to pursue; I’m of the opinion that obtaining valuable skills and keeping an open mind will lead me in mostly the right direction.

This past summer, I interned at Titan 3D Robotics, a startup in Colorado Springs that builds industrial scale 3D printers. I also traveled to Uganda, where I began working on a small-scale project to transform waste plastic into 3D printer filament. This fall, I’m a teaching assistant for CEE 107A/207A, and I intend to TA for more classes in the following quarters.

Previously, I played on the Stanford baseball team. I love big mountains and the solitude that I find outside. I’m also an avid reader (book suggestions are always welcome).

I’m happy to share my experience, whether it be in the CEE department or in life, and I’m excited to be a peer advisor.