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Undergraduate Peer Advisor: Leland

Amelia Leland


Amelia Leland
Architectural Design

Hi, CEE!  My name is Amelia, and I’m a junior originally from Reno, Nevada.  I joined the Architectural Design program after an extended foray into chemical engineering and chemistry, and continue to have an interest in the intersection of science and the built environment.

Outside of architectural design, I enjoy photography, exploring the Bay Area, and being a guide at the Cantor and Anderson museums on campus.  I have experience working in Bay Area architecture firms and love seeing how architectural theory can be applied in the real world.

I am here to answer any and all of your questions regarding the Architectural Design program.  Whether you’re interested in taking a few classes or are set on being an AD major, feel free to stop by during my office hours or shoot me an email—I’d be happy to chat with you!