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Undergraduate Peer Advisor: Bicamumpaka

James Bicamumpaka

Civil Engineering - Structures and Construction          

Hi, my name is James Bicamumpaka and I am a Junior majoring in Civil Engineering with specialties in Structures and Construction. I am an international student from the Kingdom of Eswatini, a small nation located in Southern Africa. Prior to Stanford, I spent a semester doing civil engineering at the University of Cape Town where I fell in love with this field. Quarters after coming to Stanford I also chose to pursue this major. My initial fascination with design and construction is drawn from how as Civil Engineers, we envision and create the physical world we wish to live in! My key interest area in this field is sustainable construction and thinking about ways of efficiently using materials, energy, labor, finance and time to delivering high-quality structures.

I also serve as the Financial Officer of the Stanford Chapter of ASCE, the American Society for Civil Engineers, which is a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of the civil engineering profession. As a chapter, we organize many events such as seminars where we bring several top firms in the AEC industry and this is also a great opportunity to learn about the work they do, network with industry experts and also network with your peers in the major.

Two summers ago I worked as a Project Engineer Intern for Inyasti Construction in Eswatini; where we were building an 11-mile freeway to the Queen-mother’s Royal Residence in the Eastern part of the country. For this project, I worked with the structural engineer supervising the construction of box culverts along the freeway. Last summer, I worked outside of the field, teaching entrepreneurship to high school graduates under a Swati NGO called Nhloso Likusasa Le'lichakazile (NLL). I enjoyed both these experiences very much!

If you have questions about the major, navigating the requirements, being an international student in CEE and fun things to do at Stanford, please do not hesitate to reach out to me! N’hésite pas s'il vous plait - as the French would say!