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Undergraduate Peer Advisor: Behrens

Rebecca Behrens

Rebecca Behrens


I'm Rebecca and I'm a senior from Vermont studying Atmosphere/Energy (as well as co-terming in Management Science and Engineering).

I'm passionate about climate change and have been able to tailor A/E to spend my time thinking about changes we can make to mitigate the effects. I love energy and climate policy and am planning on working in climate advocacy. I spent last summer as a Schneider Fellow at the Union of Concerned Scientists, and the summer before as an intern in the Senate.

I've studied abroad Santiago and in Washington, DC at Stanford in Washington and would love to talk with you about my experiences at either. On campus, I've been involved in the fossil fuel divestment movement and the Leland Stanford Junior University Marching Band where I play the tenor sax. I love baking bread, playing music, going to the ocean and hanging with pals.

Talk to me about picking between all the environmental majors, co-terming, small towns, studying abroad, picking an advisor, which Coupa is the best or anything else!