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Lab Safety

Requirements for students

All students working in the labs must have completed the following:

  • General Safety & Emergency Preparedness EHS-4200*
  • Chemical Safety for Laboratories EHS-1900*
  • Complete a walk-through of the lab with your PI
  • Complete training on the equipment that you will be using in the lab
  • All students must be trained and cleared to use the mill and other machines in Room B10A by Bill Sabala

* Register for these online course through Axess, click on the Training tab, Search Catalog for the course number. Print a copy of the completed training verification and give to your administrator and PI.

Emergency contact information

In the event of a serious accident/illness in the lab:

  • Call 9-911 from the lab phone, or 911 on your cell phone;
  • Once the patient has been taken care of, call EH&S at 5-9999 immediately to report the accident;
  • Contact your PI and administrator.

In the event of a chemical spill or other hazardous situation:

  • Call EH&S at 5-999 IMMEDIATELY; they will instruct you on how to clean up the spill
  • Inform your administrator as soon as possible after the accident.

General safety

Stanford Environmental Health and Safety provides continually updated health and safety information in the following areas: Laboratory Safety, Accident/Emergency Reporting, Emergency Preparedness, Earthquake Safety, Fire Safety, Weather Emergencies, Ergonomics/Office Safety, Contact Information.