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Public Health

Through our work, the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering aims to promote public health.

Research efforts in this area include the evaluation of the chemical and microbial safety of drinking water generated by the reclamation of urban stormwater or municipal wastewater. Other projects evaluate the risks posed by exposure to pathogens in recreational waters (e.g., beaches).

Another research focus characterizes exposure to pathogens in low-income countries and tests technological, behavioral, and institutional strategies to mitigate this exposure. Research also targets how people interact with physical and digital environments in buildings, with the goal of designing spaces that promote occupant wellbeing, including a feeling of belonging and the reduction of stress. Throughout, we seek not just to characterize risk but to design new technologies that improve public health and wellbeing.

Related Faculty & Staff

Jenna Davis

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering and Senior Fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment

Lynn Hildemann

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

James Leckie

C.L. Peck, Class of 1906 Professor in the School of Engineering and Professor, by courtesy, of Geological Sciences

Richard Luthy

Silas H. Palmer Professor of Civil Engineering

William Mitch

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Alfred M. Spormann

Professor of Civil and Environmental Engineering, of Chemical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Biology