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CEE VPUE Application Instructions & Projects

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Stanford University Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering
Summer 2023 Undergraduate Research Program 


Interested students should submit their application and statement of interest, following the guidelines given below, before Friday March 10, 2023 at 5:00 pm
Decisions regarding awards will be announced by April 7, 2023 via e-mail.


The 2023 summer program provides a stipend for the 10 week, full-time summer session. The amount of the stipend is determined by the School of Engineering and VPUE (Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education). The anticipated cost of living for the student during the summer period is considered. For summer 2023, the full-time summer program stipend will be $7,500. Eligible students may qualify for additional need-based supplements. 

Requirements and Restrictions

  • Eligibility is limited to Stanford undergraduates who are working under the supervision of an academic council faculty member in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering.
  • Co-terminal master's degree students are eligible only if the bachelor's degree will not be conferred before the end of the research appointment and if they are still paying undergraduate (not graduate) tuition.
  • This program is specifically for projects that are conducted under close supervision and collaboration with a member of Stanford’s academic council (tenure line faculty). Student-designed projects are funded by the VPUE via a different funding mechanism.
  • Students receiving full summer stipends may not register for more than 5 credits of coursework, nor may they work for more than 10 hours per week in addition to their research appointment. 
  • Students are prohibited from receiving both credit and stipend for any single research activity.  This does not, however, preclude students from working on a research project during the summer and then expanding it into a senior thesis during the following academic year.
  • The program goals include connecting participants with each other through organized activities in the summer. Therefore, students must participate in organized program activities throughout the summer (provided research is on campus).
  • Students must provide final summary reports on their project, complete an on-line evaluation and present the results of their research in early fall quarter at a CEE VPUE conference. Further details on these requirements are provided upon request or at the time a student is accepted to the program.

Before Applying

Prior to submitting an application, students should identify and contact a CEE faculty member who is agreeable to supervise and collaborate a summer research project.  Students are encouraged to reference the CEE faculty web pages to learn more about the specific research interests and opportunities of the faculty.

Faculty who have indicated an interest in advising summer projects are listed on our main VPUE page. You may also apply for projects with faculty that are not listed here.

You may apply to work on more than one project, but please indicate your preference if you do so (i.e., provide your first and second choice, etc).

How to Apply

Applications should include the following items compiled in a single PDF document named YOURLASTNAME_VPUE_CEE2023.PDF:

  1. Student applicant information (name, pronoun preference, ethnicity / race (not required), major, current year at Stanford (freshman, sophomore, etc.), expected graduation date, current address where you live, e-mail address, student ID number), and confirmation that you will NOT have received your BS or BA before or during summer 2023
  2. Faculty research supervisor name and e-mail address
  3. A brief (500 word max) statement of your research topics and plans
  4. A copy of your transcript (unofficial is ok)
  5. Resume or summary of relevant experience

Applications should be submitted through the Stanford Solo platform before 5 PM on March 10, 2023.  
Applications received after this date may still be considered, pending availability of funding. 

Apply Now

Questions about the program should be directed to Professor Ram Rajagopal (ram.rajagopal at