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Online Courses

We are excited to offer a number of online courses for interested students at Stanford and elsewhere, as well as working professionals who would like to deepen their knowledge of cutting edge topics by taking a course in Civil and Environmental Engineering at Stanford.

Students and working professionals can gain critical industry skills, take advantage of learning from world-class Stanford CEE faculty, and gain traction in their jobs or programs while being located anywhere in the world! Online CEE courses are offered at various times throughout the year through the Stanford Center for Professional Development (SCPD). Click on the course below to get a more detailed course description and to see what times of year the course is being offered online. If you're interested in enrolling, please fill out the form below so that we can follow up with you. The SCPD Student and Client Services team is also ready to help answer any questions you may have. You can contact them directly at

   CEE 146S - Engineering Economics and Sustainability
This foundational engineering course is essential for new graduate students not coming from an undergraduate engineering degree.  The course introduces the basic concepts of project economics and decision-making, planning and optimization, and sustainability metrics.

   CEE 220A - Building Information Modeling (BIM) Workshop  
Over the past decade, Building Information Models have become the common collaborative platform of the architecture, engineering and construction industry.  This is our introductory course for all architects, civil and environmental engineers, and construction managers who need BIM proficiency.

   CEE 227 – Global Project Finance
The financing and development of critical infrastructure is a complex, risky endeavor involving many disparate stakeholders. This course focuses on the early stage planning, financial structuring and risk assessment of critical infrastructure necessary to set large, long term capital-intensive projects up for success.

   CEE 242R – Project Risk Analysis
Risk is a part of every major project.  This course will introduce you to principles and methods for quantitative modeling and mitigation of risks in project planning, design, construction and operation. You'll learn about the use of new Microsoft Excel capabilities as a key strategy, as well as standardized probability distributions. This course will incorporate several case studies, including that of current work at PG&E, to illustrate the practical implications, of addressing operational risks.

   CEE 246 – Entrepreneurship in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Starting your own business is the dream of may many Stanford students and working professionals alike. This course helps you develop entrepreneurial businesses in the civil and environmental engineering field with the support of instructors who are experienced venture capitalists (VCs), company founders, and operators, who provide you with real-world perspective and a network to help realize your business idea.

   CEE 341 – Virtual Design and Construction 
As the architecture, engineering, and construction industry is rapidly evolving, Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) is being increasingly used to effectively translate client building performance objectives into measurable project and production plans. In this course, you'll gain knowledge in workflow, design planning and virtual modeling through VDC and how it can improve the planning and construction experience. 

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