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Management (SDC-M)

This track prepares technically qualified students for responsible engineering and management roles in all phases of the development of major constructed facilities. It emphasizes management techniques useful in organizing, planning and controlling the activities of diverse specialists working within the unique project environment of the construction industry, and it covers construction engineering aspects of heavy, industrial and building construction.

SDC-M offers courses in:

  • Building systems
  • Project finance
  • Accounting
  • Real estate development
  • HVAC design and construction
  • Equipment and methods
  • International construction
  • Labor relations
  • Managing human resources
  • Planning and control techniques
  • Productivity improvement
  • Project and company organizations

SDC-M Concentration Class Requirements are:

  • Project Assessment and Budgeting (CEE 240)
  • Managing Fabrication and Construction (CEE 241)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (CEE 226)
  • Organization Design Project (CEE 242)
  • Watson Seminar (CEE 258)
  • Global Projects Seminar (CEE 241C)

Additional related course work is available from other programs within the department, from other engineering departments and from other schools in the university such as Earth Sciences and the Graduate School of Business. The SDC-M program allows students substantial flexibility to tailor their program of study for careers with general contractors, specialty contractors, real estate or infrastructure developers, or facility owners and operators.