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Energy (SDC-E)

The SDC-Energy (SDC-E) track includes courses on design and construction of buildings and infrastructure systems to produce, distribute and consume energy sustainably.

SDC-E prepares students for careers in design and construction of building energy systems, renewable power generating systems and smart power grids connected to smart buildings and infrastructure, cleantech venture capital, sustainability-focused public policy, green real estate development,and sustainability management positions.

SDC-E includes courses from our department and several other departments at Stanford covering topics such as:

  • Sustainable HVAC design and construction of small-scale and large structures
  • Planning, design and construction of renewable power systems
  • Sensing and control technologies to link integrated smart grids with intelligent buildings, data centers and infrastructure systems.

SDC-E Concentration Class Requirements are:

  • Energy Efficient Buildings (CEE 176A)
  • Life Cycle Assessment (CEE 226)
  • Managing Fabrication and Construction (CEE 241)
  • Building Systems or Energy Efficient Building Design (CEE 256 or CEE 226E)
  • Global Projects Seminar (CEE 241C)
  • Watson Seminar (CEE 258)