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Water (SDC-W)

The SDC-Water (SDC-W) track combines courses from our department’s subprograms in Environmental Engineering and Science and Environmental Fluid Mechanics with courses on sustainable design and construction methods and tools.

The SDC-W track prepares students for careers in sustainable design, construction and operation of both centralized systems and emerging distributed systems for water supply and water and waste treatment that integrate the production of energy and a growing stream of valuable bioengineered products recovered form the waste stream.

This track offers courses in:

  • Physical and chemical treatment processes for water and wastewater treatment
  • Environmental biotechnology for use in water resource management and bioremediation
  • Watershed and wetland management
  • Environmental engineering design
  • Sustainable water resource development.

SDC-W Concentration Class Requirements are:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (CEE 226)
  • Infrastructure Project Development (CEE 241)
  • Watson Seminar (CEE 258)
  • Physical and Chemical Treatment Processes (CEE 271A)
  • Environmental Biotechnology (CEE 271B)
  • Environmental Engineering Seminar (CEE 279)

Additional related course work is available from other programs within the department, including the Environmental Engineering and Science (EES) and Environmental Fluid Mechanics and Hydrology (EFMH) programs.

This track is intended for students with a background and interest in environmental engineering and fluid mechanics who wish to pursue careers in the development of sustainable water and waste treatment facilities with large integrated design-build firms or progressive governmental agencies in this sector.