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Structures (SDC-S)

The SDC-Structures (SDC-S) track includes courses from construction engineering and management and Structural Engineering and Geomechanics (SEG) to prepare students for careers in design and construction firms that provide integrated design-build project delivery, construction management and pre-construction services.

This track prepares students for multidisciplinary collaborative teamwork in an integrated design and construction process. The subprogram extends a student’s design or construction background with core courses in each of these areas and develops the background needed to understand the concerns and expertise of the many project stakeholders. It includes a comprehensive project-based learning experience.

SDC-S Concentration Class Requirements are:

  • Life Cycle Assessment (CEE 226)
  • Infrastructure Project Development (CEE 241)
  • Watson Seminar (CEE 258)
  • Advanced Structural Concrete Design (CEE 285A)
  • Advanced Structural Steel Design (CEE 285B)
  • Structural Engineering Seminar (CEE 298)

The SDC-S track is intended for applicants with backgrounds in engineering and science. Applicants should also have a background in the planning, design or construction of facilities by virtue of work experience and/or their undergraduate education. Knowledge in subjects from the traditional areas of civil engineering is necessary for students to receive the degree and to satisfy prerequisite requirements for some of the required graduate courses.

Students with an undergraduate degree in Civil Engineering who expect to pursue careers with design or construction firms that emphasize design-build, EPC or turnkey projects should consider SDC-S.