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Graduate Leadership Committee

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The CEE Graduate Leadership Committee (GLC) is a group of graduate students from all four programs (A/E, EnvEng, SEG, and SDC) whose mission is to improve the CEE graduate student experience.

The GLC aims to facilitate communication between students and faculty by working with the Department Chair and Directors of Graduate Studies to provide effective solutions for individual problems and recurring issues. Feedback is gathered from quarterly held Town Hall meetings and yearly surveys where CEE graduate students are invited to voice their concerns. Please feel free to communicate with any program representative if you have any concerns and would like some help or advice.

We encourage anyone to send us emails or meet with us individually.

You can also visit Stanford's Graduate Life Office for more resources


Rohan Aras
Sustainable Design & Construction

Laura Clark
Environmental Fluid Mechanics & Hydrology

Corine Bowers
Structural Engineering and Geomechanics


Frances Palmer

Stephen Galdi
Environmental Engineering

Simge Girgin
Sustainable Design and Construction


Sabine Loos
Structural Engineering

Eleanor Walker