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Two CEE staff win School of Engineering Staff Service Awards

Racquel Hagen and Brenda Sampson
Racquel Hagen and Brenda Sampson; Photo by Ryan Johnson

The 2017 School of Engineering Staff Service Award winners were recognized on March 3 for their exceptional work at the School of Engineering (SoE) Service Award Reception, which honors staff members and their years of service to Stanford. Like university-wide awards, our school staff awards are especially meaningful because the nominations come from our colleagues on the faculty and staff. This year’s winners were selected from an extremely competitive group of nominees, and their dedication and enthusiasm for advancing our mission is an inspiration.

Two of the five winners are members of the Civil & Environmental Engineering staff- Racquel Hagen from the Blume Earthquake Engineering Center, and Brenda Sampson in Student Services.

Brenda Sampson, Student Services Manager, received the Service Award in recognition of her qualities as Good Samaritan, customer service and collaboration/ interdisciplinary contributions. 
Brenda is consistently kind, friendly and helpful, and patiently provides excellent customer service to anyone who finds their way to her desk, email or phone. In her 16 years as the student services manager, she has welcomed thousands of graduate student admits and gone out of her way to ensure each and every student’s needs are met professionally and expeditiously. The students love her and greatly appreciate everything she does for them, and her cheerful demeanor and seemingly unending patience is greatly appreciated by all.
Racquel Hagen, Center Administrator at the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center, received the Efficiency Award recognizes cost saving, efficiency or sustainability contributions. 
Racquel is a valued member of the Blume Earthquake Engineering Center and has continually stepped up to the challenge of balancing a broad set of responsibilities that have made the center’s operations both efficient and effective. Racquel is described as a problem solver and a team player with a fabulous sense of humor. Her willingness to embrace and learn new technologies and approaches to make thing run more efficiently is greatly appreciated by the department and the school.

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