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Stanford's Win Streak Continues at 2020 ASC Competition

Stanford University took the first prize in the ASC Integrated Project Delivery (IPD) competition again this year, extending our winning streak into the next decade! The competition was held in Sparks, Nevada and included a national field of 13 teams. Over 1500 students from 53 universities participate at the competition.  The major Job Fair draws 170 companies and 1400 Industry personnel.  The Clark IPD Problem, where Stanford wins repeatedly, is the most prestigious competition. This year’s subject project was the Long Beach Civic Center: a Public Private Partnership (P3) located in Southern California. Stanford sent two teams and considers the victory a collective win.

The teams are comprised of 14 graduate students who journeyed to the competition at the beginning of February after accelerated preparation throughout January. The competition takes place over two days. The first day kicks off at 6AM and the teams have 18-hours to create a polished written proposal addressing a set of issues on an active jobsite. With limited time to digest the full set of contract documents and construction management files delivered that morning, the competitors work together to compose responses on a variety of construction topics including project controls, sub-contractor management, site conditions, procurement, design changes, community affairs, and contracts. An interview is conducted on the second day, in which the teams are judged on their ability to defend their proposal and exhibit project familiarity, teamwork, and poise under difficult questioning. The competition proved again this year to be an invaluable experience for all the competitors, well worth the time and effort!

The success of Stanford at ASC is the result of student commitment, SDC support, and training from alumni Darryl Goodson, Peter Worhunsky, Jane Lin, and Travis Duncan. Mentorship from last year’s teams and support from faculty members Mike Lepech and Brian Sedar were also paramount. Go Stanford!

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