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FoodInno: From Tide to Table

On May 24th, Stanford's Center for Innovation and Design Research (SCIDR) hosted FoodInno: From Tide to Table, an educational symposium celebrating “blue foods” and their essential role in sustainable food systems. Blue foods are foods derived from marine plants and animals such as seaweed, shellfish, and algae. Their cultivation and consumption can significantly help mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, preserving biodiversity, and promoting sustainable fishing practices. Several food startups were in attendance, including Unimaginable Foods, Volcano Kimchi, Sunnyday Cakery, Umami United, and Rootless, each offering unique and sustainable products that highlight the versatility and benefits of blue foods. 

The event began with the "Making Waves” speaker series, featuring insights from leaders in food innovation, aquatech, and sustainable food systems. Notable speakers included Rochak Sharma from Tidal, Aryé Elfenbein from Wildtype, and Sachi Singh from Rootless, who shared their expertise on the intersection of technology and sustainable food production.

This was followed by a “Splash Talks” open mic session, an opportunity for students to present their projects and receive direct feedback from industry leaders. The event also featured a networking session, a sea-sourced luncheon menu that showcased the delicious potential of blue foods, and a stencil workshop that allowed attendees to create their own ocean-themed tote bags.

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