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Coterminal Bachelor and Master Degrees

The coterminal degree program allows outstanding Stanford undergraduates to study for a master's degree while completing their bachelor's degree(s) in the same or a different department. The degrees may be granted simultaneously or the bachelor's degree may be awarded first.

Students applying for the coterminal degree must have earned a minimum of 120 units towards graduation as shown on the undergraduate unofficial transcript. This includes allowable advanced Placement (AP) and transfer credit. 

CEE Coterm applicants must submit their application no later than the THIRD Friday of the month of January. Decisions will be made by Week 9 of Winter Quarter. Coterm students would be accepted to the following Spring Quarter (providing them the required one-quarter overlap if they are graduating seniors). Applications are not reviewed between May and November. Applicants are permitted to apply to only one coterminal program per term.

Note: do not use the Graduate Admissions online application — it is for external applicants only.

The online application to the CEE Coterm program for current Stanford undergraduates may be found at the following website:

Application Fee: coterm applicants who are offered admission and who accept and are matriculated (enrolled) into a coterm graduate program are assessed a $125 coterm application fee. Eligibility for a coterm graduate application fee waiver is based on the Financial Aid Office's evaluation of the applicant's need-based application. Those from families with income below $125,000 and typical assets for that income range will qualify. The waiver is automatically applied and no special request is necessary. For more information, please visit the Registrar's coterm site at:

Stanford undergraduates with any major who are interested in learning more about receiving an CEE Master's Degree as a coterm should review the information on the CEE Master's Program page. If you wish to be notified of the next CEE Coterm Information Session, please subscribe to the following email distribution list:

See an information session from a previous year's coterm process.

Procedure for CEE coterminal applicants

View a full copy of the info sessions and policies:

  1. Review the Procedure for Admission to Coterminal Master's Program
    • Application for Admission form
    • Program Proposal for Master's Degree form
      Please list the courses you anticipate taking for the degree and sign. You will submit a finalized version with your adviser's signature in your final quarter as a master's student.
  2. Current Stanford Transcript
  3. CEE Supplemental Questions
  4. Statement of Purpose
  5. Letters of Recommendation
    • Two Letters of Recommendation from Stanford faculty who would best be able to evaluate your abilities for graduate studies.
  6. Coterminal Course Approval form
    • Courses taken in the current or prior quarter toward the master's degree.
    • These courses may not count towards any undergraduate requirements, including GER and unit requirements.
    • Upon admission, the Registrar's Office will move the courses from your undergraduate career to your graduate career.

Important notes for coterm students

Acceptance of coterm offer of admission

Students who receive an admit letter to the CEE Coterm program, and who wish to accept the offer of admission, must notify CEE Student Services (, Y2E2 Bldg, Office 316) as early as possible: preferably a week prior to the last day of classes in the quarter prior to the expected completion of their undergraduate degree. The registrar's hard deadline for coterm admits is the last day of classes in the quarter prior to the expected completion of their undergraduate degree. Students who miss this deadline may postpone their undergraduate degree conferral until the following quarter.

Students may defer admission to the coterminal program to a later quarter (and must notify CEE Student Services of their wish to do so as soon as possible) as long as they still meet all university and departmental requirements for coterminal admission, and the coterminal application has not yet been processed. This may require postponement of conferral of the undergraduate degree. If the graduate coterm career has been activated, then deferring to a later term is not an option. In this situation students can choose to not enroll in the graduate program until a later term or submit a leave of absence. Note that the leave must be for both the undergraduate and graduate degree.

Undergraduate degree conferral and coterm admit quarter

Admitted students must have one quarter of overlap in the undergraduate and graduate career prior to receiving their undergraduate degree. For example, if the admit term for the coterminal program is Autumn quarter, then the earliest that the undergraduate degree can be conferred is Autumn quarter. Co-terminal students must register for graduate studies during the first quarter past 180 units.

School of Engineering Coterm Fellowship Opportunity

The School of Engineering is able to offer a limited number of coterm fellowships. SoE accepts fellowship applications from admitted coterms who demonstrated substantial financial need as undergraduates, and whose eligibility for undergraduate aid is running out. See (lower part of page) for more information regarding the selection criteria, and see for the application deadlines and the links to the application materials.


Coterms will remain in the undergraduate student group until their 13th quarter, and at that point they will be assessed the graduate tuition rate (and must enroll in a minimum of eight units).

If coterm students will be receiving RA or CA/TA awards prior to their 13th quarter (they must have completed 180 STANFORD units), their record will shift to the graduate coterminal student group during the first quarter of the award. Once changed to the graduate group, students cannot revert back to undergraduate group.

Students who have completed fewer than 12 quarters may request to be moved to the graduate tuition rate (minimum of eight units) if they have completed 180 units (including transfer units, but not including AP and other external credit).

For further information:


CEE Coterminal students are permitted to count coursework taken during and after their first /Autumn quarter of sophomore year.

Courses cannot be transferred once the undergraduate degree is conferred.

The Coterminal Course Approval form is used to move a course from one career to another (for example, undergraduate to graduate career).

All course transfer requests should be submitted no later than the quarter prior to intended conferral quarter.  For more information, please visit the following website:

Coterms must have a minimum 45 units on their graduate transcript to be eligible for degree conferral.  Coterms must also list the minimum 45 units on their Master's Program Proposal which must be signed by both the student and approved by their adviser that the courses meet all of their program and department requirements for degree conferral.

Additional Information