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VPUE Summer Undergraduate Research Program

A group activity for our summer student researchers: hiking up to the top of Windy Hill.

The Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers an undergraduate research program, through funding provided by Stanford’s Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. The program is geared primarily to support full-time research appointments over the summer session, but alternative proposals will be considered, subject to funding availability. The research awards will be based on a competitive application process.

Click here to learn how to submit a VPUE Summer Undergraduate Research Program application.

Research Theme

The theme of the undergraduate research program will be announced in the spring.


The summer program provides a full-time stipend for the 10-week summer session, plus money towards research project expenses (supplies, travel, etc.). 

Requirements and restrictions

  • Eligibility is limited to Stanford undergraduates who are working under the supervision of an academic council faculty member affiliated with the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Coterminal master's degree students are eligible only if the bachelor's degree will not be conferred before the end of the research appointment.
  • Students receiving full summer stipends may not register for more than five credits of coursework, nor may they work for more than 10 hours per week in addition to their research appointment.
  • Students are prohibited from receiving both credit and salary for any single research activity. This does not, however, preclude students from working on a research project during the summer and then expanding it into a senior thesis during the following academic year.
  • Students are expected to participate in organized program activities throughout the summer (provided research is on campus), provide a final three-page summary report on their project, complete an online evaluation, present the results of their research orally in early fall quarter at a CEE VPUE conference, and fill out a CEE evaluation form.


Prior to submitting an application, students should identify and contact a CEE faculty member who is agreeable to supervise a summer research project. Students are encouraged to reference the CEE faculty Web pages to learn more about the specific research interests and opportunities of the faculty.

CEE Summer Undergraduate Research Projects

Please see these links for some examples of previous year’s student presentations: