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Undergraduate Majors

Stanford freshmen and sophomores who want to pursue a major in Civil and Environmental Engineering should follow the course plan prescribed in Section one of the SoE Undergraduate Handbook (PDF). Taking the appropriate math and sciences courses in the early years will be a great help throughout the undergraduate program.


Environmental Systems Engineering

The Environmental Systems Engineering major is designed to prepare students for incorporating environmentally sustainable design, strategies and practices into natural and built systems. It focuses on preparing engineers for the 21st century challenges we will face in and near our cities, due to factors such as global climate change and population increase. Students can focus on coastal regions, freshwater systems, or urban energy and infrastructure.

Architectural Design

The Architectural Design major seeks to integrate engineering and architecture in ways that blend innovative architectural design with cutting-edge engineering technologies. With access to hands-on architectural design studios with a wide variety of courses, students can choose from a broad mix of elective courses concerning energy conservation, sustainability, building systems and structures, as well as design foundation and fine arts courses.


Atmosphere/Energy encompasses two broad themes: understanding energy effects on air pollution, climate and weather, and mitigating such problems through the development, implementation and analysis of renewable and efficient technologies and renewable energy resources.

Civil Engineering (ABET accredited)

The civil engineering profession is concerned with the built environment. Civil engineers plan, design and construct major facilities including buildings, bridges, water and sanitation systems, transportation systems, energy systems and other civil infrastructure. Civil engineers help manage our air, water and energy resources and help protect society from natural catastrophes such as earthquakes and storms. Civil engineers also work to provide protection and remediation of the environment.