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Undergraduate Honors Program

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The Civil and Environmental Engineering Undergraduate Honors Program involves an in-depth research study in an area proposed to and agreed to by a Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering faculty adviser and completion of a thesis of high quality.

A written proposal for the research to be undertaken must be submitted and approved by the faculty advisor in the fourth quarter prior to graduation. At the time of application, the student must have an overall grade point average (GPA) of at least 3.3 for course work at Stanford; this GPA must be maintained to graduation.

The thesis is supervised by a CEE faculty adviser and must involve input from the School of Engineering’s Technical Communication Program (Huang 049) by means of ENGR 202S: Directed Writing Projects or its equivalent. The written thesis must be approved by the thesis adviser. Students are encouraged to present their results in a seminar for faculty and students. Up to 10 units of CEE 199H Undergraduate Honors Thesis may be taken to support the research and writing (not to duplicate ENGR 202S). These units are beyond the normal Civil Engineering or Environmental Systems Engineering major program requirements.

Specific requirements can be found in the School of Engineering Undergraduate Handbook