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CEE Graduate Student Handbook

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Civil & Environmental Engineering Graduate Degrees Handbook
A guide to department requirements, forms and procedures
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Welcome to Stanford & CEE! 

This publication is intended for current and prospective CEE graduate students to explain the procedures and forms necessary for successful completion of the graduate-level degree requirements. 

Many of the forms discussed herein can be obtained from the department’s intranet ( or by contacting the Student Services Office located in: Jerry Yang & Akiko Yamazaki Environment & Energy (Y2E2) Building, 473 Via Ortega, Room 316, Stanford, CA 94305 

Completing and turning in all forms to the appropriate office in a timely manner is strictly the responsibility of the student and not the faculty advisor or their administrative staff. 

Information you will find in the CEE Graduate Student Handbook:

·      Welcome to Stanford & CEE!

·      Useful Resources

·      Registration (Filing a Study List)

·      Units & Grades

·      Taking a Leave of Absence

·      Applying to Graduate

·      International Student Concerns

·      Health and Safety

·      Disability Resource Center (Office of Accessible Education)

·      Fellowships & Assistantships


o   Requirements

o   Program Proposal for a Master’s Degree

o   Post-MS Study at Stanford


o   Requirements

o   Application for Candidacy

o   Terminal Graduate Registration


o   Requirements

o   Selecting a Principal Advisor

o   Entering Candidacy: General Qualifying Examination (GQE)

o   Application for Candidacy

o   Dissertation Reading Committee

o   Terminal Graduate Registration

o   University Oral Exam

o   PhD Minor