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Autumn Quarter Enrollment Options

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Commonly-Asked Questions

  1. What is HCP? How do I sign up for it?

HCP is the “Honors-Coop Program”. It was originally designed to allow individuals working full-time to pursue their degree as a part-time student. CEE has waived the work requirement for HCP, so any student who has already matriculated, or is planning to matriculate in Autumn, can switch to HCP, EXCEPT for international students with visas, who are required to pursue their degree on a full-time basis. You must become matriculated (that is, officially start at Stanford as a student) to use the HCP option. The tuition cost per unit is about 10% more than for a full-time student, but the potential advantage of this route is that it offers some of our matriculated students a way to enroll for fewer than 8 units. More information on HCP is available in the HCP Handbook:

In order to do enroll as an Honors Cooperative Program (HCP) student, any matriculated student must complete the Student Transfer Request Form for the upcoming quarter(s) for which they would like to have HCP status. The deadline for submitting this form for Autumn Quarter is August 24th (3 weeks before classes start). Once this request has been approved, the student will register as they would normally through Axess.

The Student Transfer Request Form can be found at:

If the above link doesn’t work, go to, and access the form via the link Under the “Student Program Transfers” heading.

  1. What is NDO? How do I sign up for it?

NDO is the “Non-Degree Option”. It is the route via which non-matriculated individuals can take classes at Stanford. NDO students are not matriculated – thus, this option is only open to newly-admitted graduate students who choose to defer the start of their M.S. studies. NDO students are allowed to take 1-3 classes per quarter. Students who later matriculate may count up to 18 completed NDO units towards their M.S. degree. Again, the tuition cost per unit is about 10% more than for a regular full-time student, but the potential advantage is that it offers a way for newly admitted M.S. students to take classes on a part-time basis. More information on the NDO program is available in the NDO Handbook:

To enroll in NDO, visit

As described on that website, to complete your application, you will need to:  

a) Create an account on the mystanfordconnection student portal.
b) Submit an online application that indicates whether you’ve chosen to pursue individual courses or declare a specific graduate certificate.
c) Send an email to with the subject "CEE Autumn NDO enrollment" in the email, and provide your name and the class or classes that you'd like to take! Any CEE class is accessible to you, regardless of whether it is listed as an NDO class. For independent study, please request CEE199C or 299C, and specify how many units you wish to take.

Since you have already been accepted to Stanford, this application process is simply a formality to get your name into the SCPD system.

  1. How do I take a Leave of Absence?

This option is only available to students who have already been registered as matriculated graduate students for at least one quarter. The leave of Absence eForm which must be submitted is available in the eForms portal, available via the Axess Student Mega-menu (at

If you are an international student, you must seek advice from Bechtel regarding possible impacts on your visa. Your eForm will be routed to Bechtel for approval.

If you are a coterm who was admitted in Winter 2020, your first quarter as a graduate student was this past spring, and you are eligible to apply for a LoA. If you have not yet received your B.S., your eForm will be routed to your residence Dean, and undergraduate Academic Advising, for additional approvals.

The deadline to take a Leave of Absence, without incurring charges, is September 14th by 5pm PST (the first day of classes). However, students are strongly encouraged to submit their eForm much earlier, since large numbers of last-minute LoA requests are expected for this Autumn.

  1. How do I defer the start date for matriculating as a graduate student?

This option is only available for newly admitted students. To defer, you must email your request to by August 31st.

Please note that it may not be possible to start your M.S. studies in Winter quarter, unless you take certain classes in the Autumn as an NDO student – see Table 1 for additional details. If you wish to defer, but cannot take classes in the Autumn, you should apply for a 1-year deferral, so you can start your graduate studies next Autumn.

For incoming international students who do decide to defer admission to Winter: If you are unable to obtain your visa in time to start your program on January 11, 2021, you will be able to further defer your admission to Autumn 2021. 

  1. Whom do I contact about whether I can still receive my financial aid, if I am not able to live near campus as a full-time student this Autumn?

You should contact the faculty member who signed your financial aid offer letter.

Important note: We are still receiving conflicting/inconsistent advice from Stanford about what the limitations and constraints are for financial aid offers, so please wait until on/after August 20th to ask the faculty member for clarification.