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Geomechanics Core Courses and Breadth Electives

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The following courses are required for all Geomechanics students (15 units minimum):

Mechanics and Finite Elements CEE281 3 Winter Borja
Solid Mechanics CEE291 3 Autumn Linder
Foundations and Earth Structures CEE293 3 Winter Wren
Computational Poromechanics CEE314 3 2020-2021 Borja
Plasticity Modeling and Computation CEE315 3 Spring Borja
Computational Fracture Mechanics CEE306 3 Spring Linder

Breadth Electives by Areas of Interest

The following groupings are of courses to consider if your interests, whether in practice or in research, fall in these general areas. Please note that there are no concentrations (majors or minors) in the SEG graduate program. These groupings are simply suggestions tied to areas of interest. Select courses totaling at least 15 units.

Geosciences and Geophysics

Physical Hydrogeology CEE260A 4 Autumn Gorelick
Reservoir Geomechanics GEOPHYS202 3 Winter Zoback
Laboratory Characterization of Properties
of Rocks and Geomaterials
GEOPHYS259 3-4 Summer Vanorio
Rock Physics GEOPHYS262 3 Autumn Mukerji

Computational Mechanics and Numerical Methods

Linear Algebra with Application to Engineering Computations CME200 3 Autumn Gerritsen
Partial Differential Equations in Engineering CME 204 4 Winter Staff
Introduction to Numerical Methods for Engineering CME 206 3 Spring Staff
Software Development for Scientist and Engineers CME211 3 Autumn Santucci
Mechanics - Elasticity and Inelasticity ME340 3 Autumn Gu
Mechanical Properties of Materials MATSCI208 3-4 Spring Dauskardt

Structural Engineering

Advanced Structural Analysis CEE280 3-4 Autumn Deierlein
Structural Dynamics CEE283 3-4 Winter Law
Advanced Structural Concrete Behavior and Design CEE285A 3-4 Autumn Douglas
Advanced Structural Steel Behavior and Design CEE285B 3-4 Spring Miranda

Earthquake and Reliability Engineering

Probabilistic Models in Civil Engineering CEE203 3-4 Autumn Baker
Structural Reliability CEE204 3-4 Winter Baker
Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction CEE287 3-4 Spring Miranda
Introduction to Performance Based Earthquake Engineering CEE288 3-4 Winter Kiremidjian

Free Electives

Select additional courses from the list of breadth electives and from course offerings from the engineering and engineering-related disciplines that contribute to a coherent program of study.