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Core Structural Engineering Courses and Breadth Electives

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Core Courses

The following list contains core structural engineering courses that must be taken by all students. A total of 30 units must be completed from any of the Core Courses or Breadth Electives. Asterisk (*) denotes a suggested choice; dagger (†) denotes a required course that must be taken unless a waiver is obtained from the professor.

1. Analysis (2 courses required)

Advanced Structural AnalysisCEE280AutumnDeierlein
Structural DynamicsCEE283WinterLaw
Mechanics and Finite ElementsCEE281WinterBorja
Nonlinear Structural AnalysisCEE282WinterDeierlein
Finite Element Methods in Structural DynamicsCEE284AutumnLaw

2. Design (1 course required)

Advanced Structural Concrete Behavior and DesignCEE285A*AutumnDouglas
Advanced Structural Steel Behavior and DesignCEE285B*WinterMiranda
Materials for Sustainable Built EnvironmentsCEE223WinterDouglas
Earthquake Resistant Design and ConstructionCEE287SpringMiranda

3. Mechanics (1 course required)

Solid MechanicsCEE291*AutumnLinder
Mechanics and Finite ElementsCEE281*WinterBorja
Damage and Failure Mechanics of Structural SystemsCEE305SpringLepech

4. Risk and statistical modeling (1 course required)

Probabilistic Models in Civil EngineeringCEE203AutumnBaker
Structural ReliabilityCEE204Not OfferedKiremidjian
Data Analytics for Physical SystemsCEE254AutumnNoh
Decision Analysis for Civil and Environmental EngineersCEE206SummerKiremidjian
Seismic Hazard and Risk AnalysisCEE288WinterBaker

Breadth Electives

Computer Integrated Architecture/ Engineering/Construction (A/E/C)CEE222AWinterFruchter
Computer Integrated Architecture/ Engineering/Construction (A/E/C)CEE222BSpringFruchter
Life Cycle Assessment for Complex SystemsCEE226Autumn


Physics of WindCEE261AWinterGorle
Fire Engineering Design for BuildingsCEE284FAutumnSelamet
The Dynamics of Wind TurbinesCEE284WSpringSimpson
Structural MonitoringCEE2862024-2025Noh
Structural Performance and FailuresCEE290SpringMcDonald
Regional Seismic Risk Analysis and Risk ManagementCEE296Not OfferedBaker
Computational Fracture MechanicsCEE306SpringLinder
Computational Solid MechanicsCEE3102024-2025Linder
Foundations and Earth StructuresCEE293WinterWren
Computational PoromechanicsCEE314SpringBorja
Plasticity Modeling and ComputationCEE3152024-2025Borja
Managing Critical InfrastructureCEE297MSpringMcCann
Optimization in Structural EngineeringCEE380SpringLaw
Performance-Based Earthquake EngineeringCEE385AutumnMiranda

Free Electives

Select additional courses from the list of breadth electives and from course offerings from the engineering and engineering-related disciplines that contribute to coherent program of study. See the Suggested Courses by Areas of Interest for more courses.