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Mechanics & Computation Degree Requirements

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The Master of Science degree in Mechanics & Computation is a 45-unit program devoted primarily to coursework.

Undergraduate Prerequisites

The MS in Mechanics & Computation is open to applicants with backgrounds in all areas of engineering and science. Certain basic subjects from the traditional areas of mechanics and computation are considered essential and are prerequisites for required courses in the program. If you lack any of the courses on the following list, you should anticipate including them in your graduate studies. Taking these courses may extend the amount of time required to complete the graduate degree. These courses must be taken for a letter grade, but prerequisites to these courses may be taken pass/no credit.

  • Mechanics of Materials (CEE101A)
  • Geotechnical Engineering (CEE101C)
  • Programming Methodology (CS106A or CS106X)

Degree Requirements

This is a complete list of requirements for completing the MS degree in Mechanics & Computation.

  1. Forty-five total units of coursework relevant to the field of Mechanics & Computation must be completed.
  2. A total of four core courses must be taken: CEE 281 and CEE 291 are required courses. Depending on which spring courses are offered, students must take CEE 306 or CEE 310 and, similarly, CEE 314 or CEE 315.
  3. One of the two seminars, CEE 298 (Structural Engineering and Geomechanics Seminar), or ME 395 (Mechanics and Computation Seminar) must be completed.
  4. Thirty units of coursework must be taken within the graduate-level Mechanics & Computation Program. Acceptable courses for these 30 units consist of any of the Mechanics and Computation Core Courses, as well as courses from the Breadth Electives Courses. Courses offered for 3-4 units may count as 4 units towards this requirement, regardless of enrollment units, but please note that if enrolled for 3 units, only 3 units will count towards the minimum 45 unit requirement for degree conferral.
  5. At least thirty-six units must be completed within the School of Engineering.
  6. No more than 6 units may be taken CR/NC, subject to approval by your advisor.
  7. No more than 10 units of undergraduate coursework may be counted toward the degree. As per University policy, all units for a graduate degree must be in courses at or above the 100-level.
  8. No more than 6 units of the undergraduate prerequisites listed above may be counted toward the degree.
  9. No more than a total of 6 units of combined Independent Study and CPT units may be counted toward the degree.
  10. No more than 3 units of seminar courses may be counted toward the degree.
  11. Your study list must be coordinated with and approved by your academic advisor.

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