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Mechanics & Computation Core Courses and Breadth Electives

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The following list contains core and elective Mechanics & Computation courses. A total of 30 units must be completed from that list.

Core Courses

1. Mechanics

Advanced Structural Analysis CEE280 Autumn Deierlein
Mechanics and Finite Elements CEE281 Winter Borja
Structural Dynamics CEE283 Winter Law
Solid Mechanics CEE291 Autumn Linder
Mechanics - Elasticity and Inelasticity ME340 Autumn Gu

2. Numerical Analysis & Scientific Computing

Linear Algebra with Applications to
Engineering Computations
CME200 Autumn Moin
Partial Differential Equations in
CME204 Winter Shaqfeh
Introduction to Numerical Methods
for Engineering
CME206 Spring Marsden
Software Development for Scientist
and Engineers
CME211 Autumn Santucci
Introduction to Parallel Computing
using MPI, openMP, and CUDA
CME213 Spring Darve

3. Statistics and Machine Learning

Probabilistic Models in Civil Engineering CEE203 Autumn Baker
Data Analytics for Physical Systems CEE254 Autumn Noh
Machine Learning CS229 Aut/Spr/Sum Ng
Deep Learning CS230 Aut/Spr Ng
Uncertainty Quantification in
Data-Centric Simulations
ENERGY260 Winter Tartakovsky

4. Mechanics of Materials

Materials for Sustainable
Built Environments
CEE223 Winter Douglas
Damage and Failure Mechanics of
Structural Systems
CEE305 Spring Leech
Computational Fracture Mechanics CEE306†† Spring Linder
Computational Solid Mechanics CEE310††† Spring Linder
Mechanical Properties of Materials MATSCI208 Spring Dauskardt

5. Geomechanics

Physical Hyrdrogeology CEE260A Autumn Gorelick
Foundation and Earth Structures CEE293 Winter Wren
Computational Poromechanics CEE314​​​​††​​ Spring Borja
Plasticity Modeling and Computation CEE315†† Spring Borja
Fluids and Flow in the Earth:
Computational Methods
GEOPHYS203 Winter Mukerji
Rock Physics GEOPHYS262 Autumn Mukerji

6. Seminars (one required)

Structural Engineering and
Geomechanics Seminar
CEE298 Winter Baker
Mechanics and Computation
ME395 Aut/Win/Spr Zhao

    ... required course
††  ... required course for students starting in the Autumn quarter of even years (2024, 2026, ...)
†††... required course for students starting in the Autumn quarter of odd years (2023, 2025, ...)

Breadth Electives

Physics of Wind CEE261A Winter Gorle
Nonlinear Structural Analysis CEE282 Winter Deierlein
Structural Monitoring CEE286 Winter Noh
Data Driven Modeling of COVID-19 ME233 Autumn Kuhl
Soft Composites and Soft Robotics ME303 Winter Zhao
Finite Element Analysis ME335B Summer Lew
Fatigue Design and Analysis ME345 Winter Nelson
Introduction to Statistical
ME346A Winter Cai
Introduction to Molecular
ME346B Spring Cai
Experimental Stress Analysis ME348 Autumn Nelson
Numerical Linear Algebra CME302 Autumn Darve
Model Reduction CME345 Spring Farhat
Earthquake Rupture Dynamics GEOPHYS229 Autumn Dunham
Waves in Solids and Fluids GEOPHYS238 Spring Dunham
Properties of Rocks and
GEOPHYS259 Spring Vanorio
Microstructure and Mechanical
MATSCI251 Autumn Dauskardt
Fracture and Fatigue of Materials
and Thin Film Structures
MATSCI358 Winter Dauskardt
Artificial Intelligence:
Principles and Techniques
CS221 Autumn Liang
Introduction to Statistical
STATS200 Aut/Win Rothenhaesler