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Post-MS Study

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Post-MS Study at Stanford

If you have been admitted to Stanford to study for a master’s degree and wish to continue study for the department’s Engineer or PhD degree, you must turn in an Application for Post-MS Study. The PDF can be found on the intranet (SUNet log in required.) This form should be submitted by January 15, so that your application may be reviewed during the normal admissions cycle. You may apply at a later date if your advisor feels that is appropriate to do so.

Submit the completed form to the CEE Student Services office (Y2E2 Bldg, Room 316). If you have not specified a faculty person with whom you wish to study, your application will be forwarded to appropriate faculty members for evaluation and you will be notified by mail of their decision. If admitted, you must be sure to logon to Axess and submit a Graduate Program Authorization Petition so that a new degree program is activated in your university record.

NOTE: Conferral of a degree will inactivate any student registration privileges, therefore this step needs to be completed before your MS is conferred.

Second MS

Master’s students can also apply for a second master’s degree within Civil and Environmental Engineering or in another department. The second degree is subject to the same general requirements as in the first. None of the 45 units of course work used to complete the requirements for the first degree may be applied for the second MS degree program (some seminars and directed study courses can be repeated if the subject matter is different during the second degree).

Each department has a different approach to admission for a second MS, so it is important to check with the appropriate individuals. In the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, submit an Application for Post-MS Study (SUNet log in required) to the faculty member who agrees to act as your advisor for the second degree. Any financial aid granted for this study should be verified by a letter of admission to the program. File a Graduate Program Authorization Petition specifying an “Additional Degree Program” as the requested change. Turn in the completed form to the department office for approval by the chairperson.