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Master of Science Degrees

Our MS degrees can typically be completed in three quarters of full-time study, starting in Autumn Quarter, for students with an engineering or architecture undergraduate degree.

Students with other undergraduate degrees — our MS alumni include students with undergraduate majors in field as diverse as physics, economics, management, industrial relations, philosophy and music — may require one or more additional quarters to complete the MS degree, depending on the student’s prior background in mathematics, physics and management topics. 

An outline of general curriculum requirements can be found by clicking here

The specific requirements for each of the degrees can be found at the following links:


Information about each of the degrees can be found at the following links:

Application process

Key requirements and policies for this degree

University requirements (from Stanford Bulletin)

  • Admission to the degree program.
  • Minimum of 45 units of residency, all completed at Stanford (not transferred).
  • All units at or above the 100 level.
  • Completion of degree within three years of quarter first enrolled.

School of Engineering (from Stanford Bulletin)

  • No thesis is required.

Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering (from Stanford Bulletin and the CEE Graduate Degrees Handbook)

  • Program must be approved by a faculty member (normally your advisor).
  • Minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 must be achieved for all courses included in program.
  • Of the 45 units in the program, at least 30 units of courses numbered 200 above and of these at least 23 units must be taken within the School of Engineering for a letter grade.
  • Candidates for the MS in Civil and Environmental Engineering who do not have a BS or equivalent in Civil Engineering may be required to take additional undergraduate courses deemed important to their graduate programs. This may take additional quarters.
  • Full-time students must enroll for at least 11 units and successfully complete at least 8 units per term. Those enrolled for fewer than 11 (such as those on 50 percent assistantships) must enroll for at least 8 units.
  • Courses taken to satisfy the requirements for the degree normally should be taken for a letter grade. An exception is made for courses offered only on a S/NC basis.
  • No more than 6 units with the 45 required units may be taken on a CR/NC (student elected) basis. The purpose of this option is to make it easier for students to take courses outside of their major field of study and is not intended to make it easier to take courses in the major field.

See the CEE Graduate Degrees Handbook for additional information.