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Bachelors of Science Program

Undergraduates may pursue a preapproved Individually-Designed Major (IDM). The degree conferred is Bachelor of Science with an Individually Designed Major in Engineering: Atmosphere/Energy.

The Atmosphere/Energy (A/E) undergraduate major provides a curriculum that prepares undergraduates for a master's degree program of the same name as well as careers in industry, research, consulting, government, non-governmental organizations and academia. The A/E degree is NOT an ABET-accredited degree. ABET accreditation is advantageous for entering certain specific design-oriented engineering fields, but our experience has been that the major job opportunities for students with an A/E degree do not require an accredited undergraduate degree.

A/E students take classes in both Atmosphere and Energy as well as classes that integrate the two fields. The curriculum is flexible in that students interested more in Energy or more in Atmosphere can take most of their Engineering Depth classes in their area of choice. Similarly, students desiring to focus more on technology or more on science can select the appropriate Depth classes to suit their interests.

Students may also take courses in A/E to fulfill the requirements for a minor in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Requirements for the major are listed below for convenience and are provided in the Handbook for Undergraduate Engineering Programs.

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