Glenn Katz

Glenn Katz

Location: Y2E2 265
Mail Code:4020
Administrator: Christina L. Haines

Research Statement

Founded building design and development studio (Bearington Studios, San Jose, CA) specializing in applying innovative building information modeling and virtual design technologies to improve the design and construction process for residental and commercial projects. Focus on historical renovations, green architecture/renewable technologies, and intelligent buildings.

MS 1982 Stanford
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Course NumberCourse TitleLink
CEE 110 Building Information Modeling
CEE 132 Interplay of Architecture and Civil Engineering
CEE 135 Building Modeling Workshop
CEE 299 Sustainable Housing Development
Computer-Aided Design / AutoCAD
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Academic Honors & Awards

Walter J. Gores Award for Excellence in Teaching, 2010. American Society of Civil Engineers: Associate Member and Faculty Advisor, Stanford University Chapter (1987-1990). American Institute of Architects: Allied Member