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Michael Bennon

GPC Research Program Manager, Lecturer
Office: Y2E2 239

Shamealle Bostic

Administrative Associate - NSF ERC
Office: Y2E2 117
Phone: 650-727-5142

Meabon Burns

Research & Industrial Liaison Officer, NSF Engineering Research Center
Office: Y2E2 119
Phone: 650-725-2172

Laura Castaneda

Admissions Assistant
Office: Y2E2 314
Phone: 650-724-9475

Jack Chiueh

EES Program Administrator
Office: Y2E2 154
Phone: 650-736-2274

Jill Filice

Student Services Specialist
Office: Y2E2 316
Phone: 650-725-2386

Forest Flager

Engineering Research Associate

Teddie Guenzer

Center Manager
Office: Y2E2 292B
Phone: 650-723-4945

Racquel Hagen

Blume Center Administrator and Building Manager
Office: Blume 118
Phone: 650-723-4150

Katrina Hendrix

Operations Assistant
Office: 313A
Phone: 650-725-2383

Ryan Johnson

Department Manager
Office: Y2E2, Rm 301
Phone: 650-723-3922

Diana Lin

Architectural Design Program Administrator
Office: Y2E2 265
Phone: 650-725-7488

Regina Lowery

Atmosphere & Energy Program Administrator
Office: Y2E2, Rm 154
Phone: 650-723-3505

Claudia McClure

Assistant Department Manager
Office: Y2E2 313A
Phone: 650-725-2385

Pamela McLeod

Education and Outreach Manager, NSF Engineering Research Center
Office: Y2E2 119
Phone: 650-724-2923

Andy Nguyen

Program & Center Administrator
Office: Y2E2, Room 242
Phone: 650.723.4447

Michelle Otis

Phone: (650) 723-8170

Marc Ramsey

Research Software Developer, CIFE
Office: Y2E2 275B

Bill Sabala

Shop Manager
Office: Y2E2 B53

Brenda Sampson

Student Services Manager
Office: Y2E2 Bldg. Room 314
Office Hours: Mon - Fri 10:00 am to 12:00 pm; 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Phone: 650-725-2387

Terra Strong

GPC Administrative Associate
Office: Y2E2 242

Carmen Torres

EFMH Program Administrator
Office: Y2E2 126
Phone: 650-723-4372

Kimberly Vonner

Structural Engineering & Geomechanics Program Administrator
Office: Y2E2 228
Phone: 650-723-4121

Duc Wong

Center Administrator, CSDGC
Office: Y2E2 254
Phone: (650) 725-2390

Fang Yuan

Event Coordinator, CSDGC
Office: Y2E2 254
Phone: 650-723-6506