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Web Undergraduate Handbook (UGHB Website)
Web Program Sheets (UGHB Website)
Web Petitions (UGHB Website)
Web University Undergraduate Forms (University Registrar Website)
Web University Undergraduate Publications (University Registrar Website)
Web Major-Minor and Multiple Major Course Approval Form (University Registrar Website)
Web Stanford Bulletin for CEE (University Registrar website)
Web Coterm Application & Supplemental Questionnaire
PDF Application for Post-MS Study (PDF)
PDF CEE Graduate Degree Handbook (PDF)
PDF General Qualifying Examination, GQE-form (PDF)
Web Graduate Admissions (website)
Web Graduate Student Forms (University Registrar website)
Web Graduate Student Publications (University Registrar website)
Web Stanford Bulletin for CEE (University Registrar website)
Web Engineering Research Administration (ERA) (School of Engineering Website)
Web Research Policy Handbook (University Website)
Web Office of Postdoctoral Affairs (University Website)
Web Environmental Health & Safety (University Website)

Provides continually updated health and safety information in the following areas: Laboratory Safety, Accident/Emergency Reporting, Emergency Preparedness, Earthquake Safety, Fire Safety, Weather Emergencies, Ergonomics/Office Safety, Contact Information